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How to Play: Golems
Next!Golems are the pride and joy of every magus, and serve as tools of attack and defense.

Each golem has ten(10) separate locations, each with their own hit points and resistance to damage. These locations are: the head, the abdomen, the chest, the pelvis, the right and left arms, the right and left hands, and the right and left legs.

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Crafting a Golem
Everyone starts out knowing how to create Level 1 Flesh Golems. To create a golem, you'll go the Worktable in your Workshop, choose which type of golem you wish to begin, and then click 'Begin New Golem.'

Golem Stats
Doing this will create a golem torso, consisting of one chest, one abdomen, and one pelvis. You'll also need to make a head, arms and hands, and legs. Just like with the Workshop, these items will be completed after some time has passed. Once completed, you'll then head to your Golem page and attach the parts to the golem.

For details on the differences between golem types, take a look at the Charts page!
Golem Stat Summary
Each golem you build has a variety of statistics which may seem overwhelming at first! Below is a cheat sheet of what each stat does and how it affects a golem's ability to perform.

Some of these stats, such as a golem's name, can only be changed by Premium Members.
Golem Stats
As a premium member, you can rename your golems. This is especially useful once you have several golems of the same type and need to keep them separated.

Names should be appropriate for the game.
Hit Points
Hit Points represent how much damage a golem or location can take before being destroyed. When Hit Points drop to zero(0) or less, that golem or part is destroyed.
There are six different types of damage done by monsters and golems in Muelsfell: Impact, Slice, Puncture, Heat, Cold, and Sonic. Resistances represent how easily your golem shrugs off a particular type of damage. If your resistance is high enough, you may take very little damage.

For example, a golem with Resist Heat: 5 on its chest is struck for 10 points of damage on its chest and its arm. Due to the resistance, the golem only takes 5 points of damage to the chest but takes the full damage on its arm since the arm has no heat resistance.
There are six different types of damage done by monsters and golems in Muelsfell: Impact, Slice, Puncture, Heat, Cold, and Sonic. Some golems and monsters can resist different types of damage better than other types. A few have weaknesses against certain types of damage and so take more damage from those types.

Most golems can only deal Impact, Slice, or Puncture damage with their fists, but certain weapons or magic can allow a golem to do Heat, Cold, or Sonic.
A golem is usually much stronger than any man, but even these powerful creations have limits. The strength of a golem determines how much weight it can carry, whether in terms of items attached to the golem or loot it brings back from a fight. A higher strength also means a slight increase in damage done with melee weaponry.
Combat always begins at a distance. The speed scores of the combatants determines how quickly they can close that distance and attack with melee weapons. This value is equivalent to feet, so a score of 20 would mean 20 feet moved per combat round.

The heavier a golem is, the slower its speed rating will be.
Accuracy represents the ability of the golem or creature to strike what it's fighting, whether that be with a metal mace or a wooden bow. For golems, this is improved by installing better eyes in the golem's head.

Each weapon installed on a golem has its own accuracy modifier as well, which aids (or penalizes) the base accuracy score.
Whether a golem is using a flame-thrower installed in its head or merely its bare fists, each weapon drains energy from the golem's power supply every time it's used. A low energy score can mean that some combat rounds will go by where the golem lacks the energy to swing at all, while a high energy score might mean a golem can send a flurry of rapid blows at its opponents each round.

A golem's energy score can be improved by installing better magical apparatus, such as an elemental gem.
All golems start out as small constructs with limited space for items like armour and weapons. You can use your experience to improve the size of a golem, which in turn increases the number of slots you have for installing items.
This is the number of combats against other golems or magi that this golem has won. It does not count wins against monsters.
This is the number of combats against other golems or magi that this golem has lost. It does not count losses against monsters.
This is the number of other golems that this golem has actually destroyed. It does not count the number of monsters this golem has killed.
Stance represents how a golem generally behaves in combat.

A golem in a normal stance will advance toward its foe, using melee or ranged weapons as appropriate (or at least as best as it can manage).

A golem in an aggressive stance will forego using any ranged weaponry, but charges into melee at an accelerated pace.

A golem hanging back will try to avoid combat if possible and use only ranged weapons.

Changing the stance of a golem is a Premium Member perk. By default, all golems use the normal stance which is a fair balance of tactics.
Every golem has a limited amount of space on its body to hold extra items like armour and eyes. Slots represent how much room a golem has in a particular location. Some items use up more than one slot. For example, a set of glass eyes may use up only one slot, while a heavy advanced power source may use up three slots. You will have to carefully plan what items you want to attach to your golem.

To increase the number of slots a golem has, use your experience to increase its size on the worktable.
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