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tivation you spend when sending your golems to fight in far off locations.
The compass will reduce the amount of motivation you spend when sending your golems to fight in far off locations.
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Creature List
There are currently 177 monsters to fight in Muelsfell! Below is a summary of their names and descriptions, organized by level.
Level 1
Alchemical DeerHarperdale
Though merely one of many poor beasts warped by the alchemists during Kern's civil war as potential weapons, alchemical deer proved to be one of the very few that were able to reproduce on their own. This is unfortunate, as they are not at all timid and will howl with both their mutated heads before bounding in for a kill. A sad species, they are thankfully growing smaller in size with every generation.
Black RatThe Old Capital Ruinsblack rat
A common pest near cities and towns, black rats such as this one often find their ways into homes and grain storage to make a mess of things.
Blood FoxThe Icerush
Scholars claim that a unique pack of foxes in this area have been touched by daemonic blood. Judging by the shining eyes, the red-stained fur, and the oversized maw filled with canine teeth, it would seem that this is one such example of such a beast.
Crazed ErmineLongsreach Tundra
Normally a shy and rather docile tundra creature, the ermines in this area have been taken over by murderous intent. At first this may seem a ridiculous threat, until one realizes that being slaughtered by a pack of crazed ermines ranks up there with such ignoble deaths as drowning in a vat of butter. Something magical in this area is driving these little white furies insane.
Death MonkeyThe Nehtakudeath monkey
Prone to blood-curdling shrieks and coloured a pale, deathly white, death monkeys often infest old ruins and derelict buildings. They drive off people whenever possible, though one can only guess at what nefarious things a death monkey pack will do in seclusion.
Dire ScorpionThe Wastes
Every desert traveler's nightmare is to find a scorpion within their bedroll. The dire scorpion is a nightmare made real terror, for it dwarfs its normal sized kin. Though known for catching lizards and the occasional large rodent, this scorpion is not above snipping a chunk of flesh from a man-sized foe with its eight inch long claws.
Dust RatThe Ruins of Old Fellin
Dust rats are much like their common city-dwelling cousins, but the lack of interaction with humans means they're more likely to assault whatever startles them rather than scurry beneath some convenient cupboard.
Dybbuk WelpThe Southmount Foothills
Practically otherworldly with their twisted mockeries of life, dybbuks infest the upper regions of the Southmount. Such are their numbers that the smaller welps are pushed over the cliffs. Those that survive the fall do not live for long, as they prove easy prey for hunters brave enough to face these foothills.
Flightless WillerowlSpire Valley
Having all the grace of a blindfolded toddler, the willerowl is a bizarre owl-like thing with immense talons. No one knows how many willerowls exist in the world since there seems to be a never ending stream of them making their way south from beyond the Northern Wall.
Forest RatTalonwoodforest rat
Notable for their excessively large teeth and grey-green colouring, the forest rat is not unlike its city-dwelling brethren. A hideous and potentially rabid pest, the best thing a magus could do is stomp it out of existance with his or her golem.
Frost DryadBossenwelle Valleyfrost dryad
Thousands of varieties of dryad and fae have been documented by scholars. Of these, very few are actually as helpful as fairy tales would claim. Amoung the most notorious are the frost dryads, who have earned a place in a fable that warns of unfaithful spouses. In reality, this particular breed of dryad doesn't seem too caring about whether its victim is married -- any victim will do.
Frost WeaselThe Glacial Rifts
Though commonly referred to as weasels, these ferocious little things are more obscure in their heritage. Beneath bristly white fur is the glimpse of ruddy brown scales of reptilian likeness, and its eyes reveal a rage that is normally born of sentience. Yet these foul weasel things appear to lack entirely in intelligence; or rather if they do have conscious thoughts, they are well buried within a furious insanity.
Giant Stag BeetleArbrook Forestgiant stag beetle
Stag beetles in the Arbrook Forest grow quite large, easily dwarfing the average house cat. They're fairly stupid insects, however, often prone to quickly scuttle towards prey (their rather sad version of a 'charge,' one presumes).
Lost SoulForsaken Ruins
One of many wanderers in this place, this soul in particular has completely lost itself, and listlessly trudges onwards for all eternity.
Midget KoboldScrie Pointmidget kobold
One of the least intelligent of the kobold species, midget kobolds seem incapable of fashioning even basic weapons. Other kobold races press them into service as slaves or labourers. When not guided by other kobolds, these runts tend to suicidally throw themselves against just about any foe, armed only with dirty fingernails, as if they wished for death.
Minor Wolf SpiderYul's Marshminor wolf spider
About the size of a man's fist, the minor wolf spider often nests in rotting tree stumps, waiting for prey to stumble past before greedily rushing out for a meal.
Mountain WelkinMount Kestrel
Small horrors that seem as much a random assortment of limbs as a fae, the mountain welkin has been known to descend from above with murderous screams.
Muck ToadThe Zaulfung
Flat and round like a cobblestone, the muck toad is large, surprisingly voracious, and not above attacking those which disturb its murky home. Often discovered quite by accident as an adventurer steps upon what seems to be sturdy ground, it is sadly all too easy to disturb these amphibians to rise in wart-covered rage.
Mud HoundMosswashmud hound
Small and hideously opportunistic, mud hounds hunt the fringes of The Zaulfung for easy prey. They're not smart by any means, so what a mud hound considers 'easy prey' might be a squirrel, a stump, or a fully armed iron golem. There's just no telling.
Pygmy GoatThe Southmountpygmy goat
Old wives claim that pygmy goats were magically created by city-bound mages who wished to raise more convenient livestock, but something went wrong. While their size had been reduced, they were highly tempermental creatures, willing to attack anything larger than themselves. Whatever the truth of such stories, these angry little goats are completely feral, and no one would cry if one or two were smashed beneath some golem's fists.
Pygmy LeucrottaThe Necropolis
Not nearly as large as the more notorious beasts of its ilk, the pygmy leucrotta bears an ugly badger's head and the hindlegs of a small deer. It yelps in cryptic human-like phrases, parroting words overheard from previous victims. Luckily, not as much of a threat as its more massive cousins, though it can be deadly in a pack.
Pyramid-backed RattlesnakeThe Vastings
Well known for being venomous, this breed of rattlesnake somehow manages to grow quite large despite the relative scarcity of prey in the arid desert. Luckily, poisonous bites mean very little to a golem.
Red DybbukThe Southmount's Eye
Weaker than any other dybbuk species, the red variety tend to be more stable and often boast a pair or two of antlers and a mere five to six eyes. Their teeth are every bit as deadly as the more horrific dybbuk sorts, but are fortunately locked in an awkward set of jaws.
RedcapThe Miner's Beltredcap
A terrible breed of goblin, the redcap is reviled for fashioning crude hats and scarves from the bloodied scalps of its victims. They breed like rabbits, infest old tunnels, and prove themselves a complete nuisance even when they're not plotting murder.
Scavenger GhoulGraynsfell Ruinsscavenger ghoul
About the size and shape of a monkey, no one can say for certain what stock scavenger ghouls were when they were alive. Whatever awful method it is that their numbers increase by, they aren't sharing. What they do willingly impart are painful cries, mad gnashing of teeth, and trembling twitches of outstretched claws.
Shrieking WolfThe Southern Barricades
Small but fairly fast, shrieking wolves use their size to their advantage in the mountainous regions. Many believe they have been moving in from the north and east, driven here by some more terrible threat, but no one has dared venture out to prove this allegation. Still, these wolves must be put down lest their numbers threaten human populations in the region... plus that shrieking is really annoying.
Skeletal RatThe Cairnfields
Who can guess whether a foul necromancer has been practicing his dark art on plentiful rat corpses or if the Cairnfields are naturally so repugnant that the dead can not lay still, but in any case skeletal rats seem unendingly numerous. Hideously silent but for the clattering of bone on bone, they'll swarm their target and reduce it to skeletal remains if you'll let them.
Spined RatThe Ironwood
Brought to this continent by careless sailors, spined rat populations have been growing for nearly a century. They were never a true threat until the alchemical exploits of the Kernian civil war, where seepage has generated some bizarre mutations. The spines are not poisonous, but nobody in their right mind would keep one as a pet.
Swamp HogThe Upper Zaulfung
Testy and aggressive, swamp hogs fill the wetlands of The Zaulfung. They are not magical beasts, not tormented by alchemy, nor horrors from beyond the mountain barriers. No, it is mother nature alone that is to be blamed for their horrible dispositions
White Sky HoundOld Forge Mountain
Amazing leapers, sky hounds often manage to snatch small birds that fly too low. Ravenous things, they have been known to clear a mountain top of all eggs, rodents, and birds within a matter of weeks before moving on.
Wind RatThe Great Plainswind rat
Unique to the Great Plains, the wind rat uses sail like flaps of skin to catch the great gust that sweep the plains. Hunting by curling into a ball and dropping when above any likely prey.
Level 2
Ambulatory MushroomThe Ironwoodambulatory mushroom
No one is quite sure if the alchemists and their magic are responsible for the walking mushrooms of the Ironwood. If not for their high pitched wails, they would be little threat since their crude limbs are soft and spongey. Sadly, the Ironwood often echoes with the sonic attacks of ambulatory mushrooms.
Black Stone BrigandThe Ruins of Old FellinBlack Stone brigand
The group that call themselves the Black Stone range from the merely ne'er-do-wells to those who are outright sociopathic individuals. Not ordered enough to be a clan, nor large enough to be a political concern, these roving renegades prey upon whatever easy targets they can. Certainly no merchant who has been on the business end of a Black Stone dagger will call a magus 'murderer' who takes down a few of these hoodlums.
Black Stone RaiderThe WastesBlack Stone raider
The group that call themselves the Black Stone range from the merely ne'er-do-wells to those who are outright sociopathic individuals. Many of the more disturbed individuals have taken to lying in wait in the deserts, looking to rob caravans and traders of everything precious. Since these encounters often end in the death of the merchant, few would cry if the raiders were beaten to a pulp by some magus' golems.
Blue-banded Mountain LizardThe Southmount Foothills
Some varieties of mountain lizards can be domesticated, but the largest of the all -- the blue-banded mountain lizard -- resists all attempts. This is a shame, for it's likely that the massive tail would provide plenty of excellent meat. As it is, the blue-banded lizard's tail is only good for smashing prey and adventurers.
Bone WolfThe Cairnfields
Packs of normal wolves are often seen in the northern regions, but more common in the Cairnfields are groups of their animated skeletons. These boney mockeries of life silently stalk the tundra, dragging down prey and feasting upon it, only to have their meals drop in bite-sized chunks through empty ribs.
Brimstone StalkerThe Nehtaku
Made of hoops of interlocking black stone, the brimstone stalker might be nothing more than a ceremonial carving or statue from an ancient empire were it not mobile. What likely drives its animation is the obviously magical blue fire raging within its core, but from what source its motive to destroy arises, none can guess.
Bronze DwarfOld Forge Mountain
Crafted in another age, dwarves assembled from bronze and iron still roam Old Forge Mountain. Likely these constructs were once used to peacefully mine for precious ore, but their behaviour is now erratic and dangerous from the passage of time. They seem capable of reassembly once destroyed, so perhaps these small golems shall outlive all modern magi as they did their original masters.
Clay HulkMosswashclay hulk
Years ago, magic was so heavily used that it saturated the water, the ground, and the sky. Though those days are long gone, its effects linger still. In the Mosswash, some wetlands have gained a semblence of mobility and malice, and deformed caricatures of men known as clay hulks still roam, seeking to drown the unfortunate beneath their muddy fists.
Fungal GoblinBossenwelle Valleyfungal goblin
A strange malady infects goblins of various breeds on occasion, clogging up their skin with patches of tiny mushrooms. In addition to its repulsive modifications to the goblins' appearance, it also debilitates their small minds. Goblins with this sickness tend to stand around drooling until movement catches their bulging eyes and they attack.
Gaunt BarghestThe Southmountgaunt barghest
Normally barghest prefer carrion to hunting, but since competition on the Southmount for food of any sort is fierce, packs of these hounds will often run down whatever prey comes within earshot -- and these canines supposedly can hear the beating of a heart.
Goblin BanditThe Old Capital Ruins
While intelligent men become craftsmen, mages, or even respected leaders, those goblins that pass for intelligent tend to turn to lives of crime. Often these foul little creatures will shout out an ultimatum (failing to realize that few speak goblinese), quickly grow frustrated, and then rush in to attack with crude weapons. In the end, the only thing that distinguishes a goblin bandit is the black headband.
Horned LeucrottaThe Necropolis
As if the normal gestalt of a badger and deer weren't distrubing enough, this variety of leucrotta also sports a series of small, bumpy horns across the top of its head. These horns are probably not much use as a weapon, though its powerful, muscled backlegs must certainly prove to be enough to take down its prey.
Ice ElementalThe Icerush
In places of great natural power, beings from other worlds tend to slip into the realm of Muelsfell. Sometimes these are ominous events, but most magi tend to accept small elementals as a fact of life and treat them as they would any wild and dangerous creature. Ice elementals are no exception.
Ice WormThe Glacial Rifts
Ice worms are writhing, hideous things that glow from within with an intense internal heat. It is this blistering ability that lets the worms burrow through the thickest ice and snow as though it were liquid water. While their very touch is capable of generating a scalding burn, they also have a scorpion-like stinger used to pin and immobilize prey.
Kobold ArcherScrie Pointkobold archer
From birth, each kobold is given a path, whether that be warrior, miner, or mage, and expected to excel (by kobold standards) in that profession. Those that take up the mantle of archer have been known to hit rather small targets and sometimes even remember to bring enough ammunition to last a entire battle. Usually these are murdered in their sleep out of jealousy, and their bows taken by less adept kobolds.
Kobold MinerSpire Valley
Belonging to the tribe's worker caste, the kobold miner is usually considered a non-combatant. Even so, he can defend himself quite handily with his trusty pickaxe.
Leatherhead BoaThe Upper Zaulfung
Few serpents are as thick or muscular as the leatherhead boas, and their powerful coils can bring down even boars. Typically that lie in wait beneath the murky water, eyes and forked tongue on alert for prey. When they spot something suitable, they can spring out of the water half their body length to strike.
Minor FiredrakeHarperdale
Firedrakes are brilliant red and orange spotted lizards that exhale small gouts of fiery breath. Not directly a result of alchemical experiments, it's been postulated that normal drakes acquired a flame affinity after drinking from poisoned lakes and became the first firedrakes.
Needletooth GoblinTalonwoodneedletooth goblin
Not especially smart, strong, or fast (or in fact at all suited to life beyond lurking in scum-covered ponds and eating field mice), this breed of goblin has one thing going for it: a mouth filled with sharp teeth. They're also fairly capable at fashioning crude bows and spears, and love hording anything shiny.
Oiled-up Sissel The Fairy DragonMount KestrelOiled-up Sissel the Fairy Dragon
Sissel the Fairy Dragon, the benevolent part-owner and pastry chef of Sissel's Roast Beast Inn in Asylum, always tries to help out new, inexperienced, or down-on-their-luck mages. One favorite ploy is to heavily coat himself in bacon grease and then challenge the mage to catch him, either with a golem or their own hands. The ones who succeed receive a small amount of treasure - and even the ones that don't still usually go home with a large bag of pastry. Predicting the outcome of these chases is a popular form of betting in Asylum.
Rock SquidThe Southmount's Eyerock squid
Like ocean squid that fishermen sometimes bring back or find washed upon a shore, the rock squid has multiple tentacles and wide saucer-like eyes. The similarity ends there, however, for this is a beast from some other place and does just fine breathing air. Its grey rubbery skin is dusty rather than moist and slick, and seems capable of nesting in the most unsettling places.
Shuul ViperThe Great Plains
Injecting poison lethal to nearly all human and humanoid creatures, the Shuul viper is known for it's aggressive nature. It is ever present in the long grasses of the Great Plains, and is the main reason no one crosses them on foot.
Skeletal WarriorThe Vastingsskeletal warrior
Perhaps in ancient years past, this was a shining - and still breathing - example of a proud warrior. Now this sad corpse is nothing more than a mindless killing machine. Luckily, it's not a huge threat to a golem.
Small Rock ElementalSpire Valley
In places of great natural power, beings from other worlds tend to slip into the realm of Muelsfell. Sometimes these are ominous events, but most magi tend to accept small elementals as a fact of life and treat them as they would any wild and dangerous creature. Rock elementals are no exception.
Snowfield WightLongsreach Tundra
Gaunt, vicious, and tireless, the snowfield wights of the northwest are a mystery. The heraldry of their aged attire matches no known region, yet their numbers are such that they must have spawned from a numerous people. It may forever remain a mystery, as the nearly mindless wights are not forthcoming about their origins.
Strange GnomeArbrook Forest
A strange little gnome can be seen running around the fields at night, muttering strange things. It is known to be mostly harmless, usually just performing tricks or aggressing anyone unlucky enough to happen upon them. They are creative with cookware, and can often be seen using them in their tricks.
Twin-scale AmphisbaenaThe Zaulfungtwin-scale amphisbaena
Infesting the Zaulfung in awful numbers, amphisbaena - commonly known as two-headed serpents - have long been rumoured to be related to the Cataclysm. Though no proof of such a connection can be found, their very nature seems to imply a magical origin. A favoured tactic of these bizarre and temperamental snakes is to wait in the trees and drop upon passing creatures.
Undead GnomeThe Miner's Belt
Every once in a blue moon, a redcap prodigy with the powers of wizardry is born. When this happens, the normal killing sprees do not end when the bodies hit the floor. Rather the bodies are fashioned crudely together and animated; a favoured foe to meet this fate are gnome miners.
Woolly MastiffThe Southern Barricades
Prized for their thick, woolly coats, these mastiffs are not the easiest to hunt. They tend to lurk in somewhat inaccessible areas of the mountains, though their considerable bites are not to be ignored.
Zombie SoldierGraynsfell Ruinszombie soldier
Though sluggish, zombies are difficult to damage and tend to strike with superhuman strength. They spontaneously arise in the old tombs and cemeteries of western Muelsfell, perhaps due to rogue necromantic influence, alchemical seepage from the last war in Kern, or a combination of both.
Level 3
Acid-borne CougarHarperdale
Though predominately natural creatures, cougars have fallen victim to the alchemical disasters that sully the natural splendors of Kern. In exchange for the pain of scarred skin and flesh, they are all but immune to flame of any sort. Never predictable before, acid-borne cougars are as likely to flee as they are to vent their alchemical-induced pain on anything or anyone.
Ambrosia WispForsaken Ruins
A soft light emanates from these passive creatures. Ambrosia Wisps are quite gentle creatures, but years of being hunted by magi for their magical essence has rendered them suspicious and hostile to all those who wield magic. To those who approach them closer, they strike back with their own.
Dark Kobold SorcererThe Southmount Foothills
A dark kobold that has mastered his art to the point that he is actually doing more harm to his tribe's enemies than himself is given the title of Sorcerer. These "sorcerers" make up the bulk of the tribe's rank-n-file troops.
Dragonclan Kobold InitiateThe Nehtaku
From the hundreds of kobold hopefuls that make the journey to the Nehtaku each year, only a few dozen are chosen to become Dragonclan initiates. Bereft of all status, they are usually assigned long hours of the most menial and back-breaking tasks. Wax on, wax off.
Fae BansheeArbrook Forest
All that lives can potentially end up as a tortured undead, and the Faeries of Muelsfell are no exception. It takes remarkably corrupt magic to raise a Fae into hideous unlife, but when one does arise its once beautiful twittering song becomes a terrifyingly powerful scream capable of shattering bone or metal with equal ease.
Feral Mountain KoboldMount Kestrel
Due to the inhospitable climate and almost inaccessible terrain of the upper Mount Kestrel range, the kobold tribes that live within these reaches have out of necessity, cooperated and traded with other Mount Kestrel denizens for their survival. Generations of this behavior have created a sub-species of kobold that are less aggressive, yet more intelligent, than their lowland cousins. However, ever so often a mountain kobold is born in which these latent aggressive instincts come back with a vengeance. These "feral" kobolds are sometimes killed by the tribe, but most are banished to fend for themselves.
FrostwightLongsreach Tundra
Coated in thick ice of a greenish tint, the frostwights are slightly less common than the snowfield wights. It's likely they are spawned from the same group of people as those lesser undead, but they give no further clues as to their shared origins. Sometimes the sun will glint just right through the frostwight's icy covering, however, hinting at bracelets and necklaces, rings and finery -- the attire of a nobleman.
Giant Swamp LeechMosswash
Like their smaller cousins, leeches are oily creatures with thick green and brown stripes running down their length. The giant ones are a common swamp-dwelling problem, and the sizes they can attain make them a dangerous threat to an unprepared traveler. Though obviously unable to draw blood from a golem, they're still drawn to the heat of a power source and have been known to do severe damage from their tooth-ringed suckers alone.
Grey Goblin ScoutOld Forge Mountain
The goblin scouts are masters of concealment, stealth and speed. They can never be caught while out scouting for the tribe... or at least that's what they'd like to think. This particularly witless small grey creature is often caught out in the open, napping in the sun using his crossbow for a pillow.
Kobold SoldierScrie Point
A kobold soldier is a step above your average kobold. They are better armed, armored, and most importantly, better trained. Still, fighting one still feels like beating up on a spoiled 14 year old child.
Red-banded Wolf SpiderYul's Marshred-banded wolf spider
Though much like the terrible little things that often scurry in the night, this spider is massive in size and could probably drag down a large dog or small pony.
White-hair SerpentThe Southern Barricades
In a land of magic, creatures spawn and adapt to their local environments in bizarre ways. Sages might cite the white-haired serpent as one such oddity, for it is highly unusual for a reptile to sport a coat of warming fur. Despite this mammalian adaption, these serpents still lay in the sun whenever possible and are practically inactive during true winter. Even though, they keep more than enough energy reserves to strike out at prey -- or the occasional golem.
Wild DogThe Great Plains
the plains wild dogs are opportunist feeders. preferring to either scavenge carrion or pick off sick and weak prey.
Level 4
Blight RoachArbrook Forestblight roach
Iridescent blues and green mottle the waxy shell of this tremendous roach, a visitor one would find most unwelcome in a wood or open field, nevermind the kitchen. Voracious and almost impossible to stamp out, the blight roaches might forever plaque magi the world over.
Bog MummyMosswashbog mummy
Before the Cataclysm, the Mosswash covered a far smaller area. Farmers from that time cut blocks of peat from the bogs to burn in their fireplaces. Alas, many were lost in this somewhat dangerous task, presumed drowned and lost forever. Now the magical glop of the Mosswash brings back these old souls in the form of bog mummies who mindlessly vent their rage on anything nearby.
Death Scavenger BeetleThe Cairnfields
Drawn to death like buzzards, death scavenger beetles are massive insects around the size of a large dog. Normally they're merely annoying opportunists, but feeding on the undead has caused them to be more aggressive toward living prey. Some researches feel that the corrupting energies of the undead here in western Muelsfell are especially virulent and will continue to have unexpected effects on local fauna and flora.
Giant River OtterThe Upper Zaulfung
Like its smaller cousin, the giant river otter has a curious yet guarded disposition towards most creatures it encounters. It will however, fiercely defend itself if threatened (especially if there are otter pups nearby). It also shows a surprising level of intelligence. Like the Marsh Dragons, the giant otters will sometimes assist the occasional elven war party out hunting Bayou vampires.
Grey Goblin WitchOld Forge Mountaingrey goblin witch
Adorned with feathers and runic tattoos, grey goblin witches are far more intelligent than the average goblin. With their innate magical abilities, they are not to be underestimated.
Half-golem AbominationThe Old Capital Ruins
By force or unethical choice, some souls have taken golem research to heretical limits. Patchwork grafts of iron, bronze, and brass have turned these men into powerful lunatics, resistant to damage but at the cost of their sanity. Groups of these things now stalk the ruins, venting their aggression on any available target.
Killer CarpHarperdale
There have been rumors that the fish in Kern, due to not having their numbers properly maintained, have evolved to be legitimate threats to passerbys. These massive carp literally leap out of the water, clamp onto unsuspecting people, and drag them to a watery demise. They have a particular taste for dwarves, but they are not really picky eaters, even going so far as to try to take a bite out of a golem...
Kobold NightshadeScrie Point
Generally thought of as 'touched' even by their fellows, some kobolds decide to wear strips of black clothing and use exotic weapons like nunchuku. Despite taking the influence of certain human cultures too far, they can sometimes prove surprisingly adept in combat.
Monstrous BatSpire Valley
Lurking in the night sky of Spire Valley, large vampiric bats often fly overhead, swooping up and capturing humans and livestock in their fangs. These troublesome beasts often make the mistake of attempting to capture golems. This leads to an interesting encounter to say the least.
Sabre-toothed PenguinThe Glacial Rifts
When fur-clad hunters of the frozen wastes speak of deadly threats, it is understandable to hear the dangers of ice dragons and snow bears. It is somewhat disconcerting when brave warriors tremble as they describe the dire belly slide of a sabre-toothed penguin. What insanity spawned these little black and white missiles of pointy death can not and should not be fathomed.
Saurian ForagerTalonwoodSaurian Forager
The Saurians are large scaled lizard men recently arrived from the west. The foragers are the lowest caste of their society, however they are still a dangerous creature to confront.
Yellow-fang YetiMount Kestrelyellow-fang yeti
Villagers have often spoken of wise old hermits who perch high upon mountain cliffs, awaiting a time to impart epiphanies to some determined traveler. Upon Mount Kestrel, there are no such wise men, but rather terrible, hairy beasts perched and waiting upon those high cliffs. What these yeti might impart upon a traveler would only involve blood, screams, and unbridled fury.
Zombified AlligatorGraynsfell Ruins
Stitched, sewn, and wrapped in leather bandages, the zombified alligators are no native to the area of Graynsfell Ruins. Someone cared for them, doted on them, and then released them into the wild for reasons and purposes disguised. Needing not for water, the alligators are a menace to would-be salvagers in the woodlands. Though perished, they seem to retain some hint of their prior lives, being often found drying like slabs of spoiled meat upon the hot copper surfaces of wartime wreckage.
Level 5
Dire KangarooHarperdale
Almost all wild animals, medium-size or larger, are superior hand-to-hand combatants when compared to an unarmed human. The Dire Kangaroo seems to be keenly aware of this fact.
Dire UnicornBossenwelle Valleydire unicorn
Its head crowned by not one but a pair of twisted horns, dire unicorns charge their victims with gleeful evisceration upon their minds. Were the twin horns not enough of a clue, this villainous equine is easily spotted by its dismal dark grey coat and blood-red speckled patterning.
Dragonclan Kobold AdeptThe Nehtaku
Those with the discipline and drive to endure their initiate years, go on to become adepts. This is the stage where formal martial arts training begins. The adepts are also given more responsibility. When not actively training, they work as cooks, gardeners, and handymen.
Dust MummyThe Wastes
Wrapped in funerary dressings with bits of archaic jewelry visible underneath, the dust mummy is an unsubtle combatant. Many an unfortunate caravan has encountered one of these simple-minded undead and been forced to flee while the monster vents its fury upon a single wagon and team of horses left behind. It's unclear which is more unsettling -- the coarse cry of a mummy somewhere out in the desert or the silent, sand-coated remains of a ruined wagon and slain horses.
Horned Scorpion LizardThe Zaulfung
Though as bizarre as any mad alchemist's terrible dreams, scorpion lizards are a naturally occuring monstrosity -- or rather, if they are in fact abnormal creations, their origins are buried so far in the past that no one could guess what spawned them. With a long, blackened tail tipped with a deadly stinger, no one could mistake these for some other fauna.
Kobold SergeantScrie Point
A Kobold Sergeant can be found usually leading warbands of 8 or more Kobold soldiers. Kobolds that show above average leadership skills - that is, will stand their ground when confronted by something bigger than they are - are usually promoted to Sergeants.
Mountain Kobold AdeptMount Kestrel
The adepts are the lowest caste of formally-trained mountain kobolds. Their main duties consist of maintaining tribal infrastructure and technology, and to assist the tinkers and engineers with their various projects. In wartime, the adepts train and lead the tribe's mustered war parties.
Rainbow LurkerForsaken Ruins
Morphed by the energies of this place, these lurkers rush headlong into battle, flashing blinding flares from their ever-glowing eyes while they strike with vicious curved claws.
Redcap ProdigyThe Miner's Beltredcap prodigy
Worst of all the redcaps, the redcap prodigy wears the bloody scalps of its victims and paints its body in their blood. Stalking the shafts of the The Miner's Belt, it leaves a trail of animated bodies in its wake. Even redcaps avoid the prodigy for fear of the cave-ins caused by the prodigy's thunderclap attack.
Six-eyed LurkerThe Ironwoodsix-eyed lurker
An ambush predator if ever there was one, the six-eyed lurker waits out of sight until prey nears, then launches itself forward in a stunningly swift attack.
ToadlinYul's MarshToadlin
The toadlins were bred by a former resident of Arzenbourg as entertaining food for his eight legged 'pets.' Part goblin and part toad, they quickly adapted to their surroundings and multiplied into vast numbers.
Level 6
Adventuring SwordsmanThe Southern Barricades
A fabled swordsman of the world known for his speed, mastery with the sword, and adventuring treasure, he has found himself a target of many magi who seek to test their golems out. He has a legendary Forerunner Blade and an armored cloak that protects him from fire-based attacks.
Cave BearThe Miner's Beltcave bear
Though they can be more ferocious than a grizzly, most cave bears prefer to keep to themselves. Unfortunately, since adventurers tend to delve into caverns in search of gemstones and other precious secrets, provoking a cave bear into a fully raging assault is all too easy to do. A swipe of a cave bear's claw can send a flesh golem to the ground.
Dark Kobold MageThe Southmount Foothills
Truly gifted kobold sorcerers go on to become mages. Not only have they further refined their skills in the arcane arts, but also have developed a fearsome fire crafting ability that they use to smite their foes from afar.
Grey Goblin War Chariot Old Forge Mountain
Pulled by two mighty boars, the gray goblin war chariot bristles with spikes, blades and spinning wheel scythes. It carries two spear wielding goblins at near suicidal speed along the rock mountain paths.
Kobold BossSpire Valley
Kobolds that are tenacious (or lucky) enough to survive many engagements and bring honor to their tribe are elevated to "Boss" status. Their influence on the tribe's affairs is second only to the tribe elders. This adoration, or outright worship by their fellow kobolds can sometimes have a detrimental effect on their once formidable combat prowess.
Mountain Kobold TinkerBossenwelle Valley
The tinkers usually oversees special project groups and, during times of war, do double duty as crew chiefs for the tribe's war engines. Kobold Engineer and noted theater commander Rolf von Schnauzewitz was the first non-human to win the prestigious Rube Goldberg Award while he was still a young tinker. The award catagory was "Breakfast Tech".
Pale DraconaugaThe Nehtakupale draconauga
There have been tales since before the Cataclysm of intelligent spellcasting snakes known as Nauga. None have ever been spotted alive or dead. An all too real alternative are the bestial things known as the draconauga, a half-breed combination of massive serpent and crocodilian jaws, but lacking any intellect or magic. Living fossils from another age, they tend to nest in ruins and feed on monkeys.
Rock OgreThe Southmount
The rock ogres have always had a violently antagonistic relationship with the mountain giants of the Southmount. The giants have size and strength, while the ogres have numbers and organization. These characteristics have always kept their conflict in check, with neither side gaining a significant advantage. Recently, there have been disturbing reports of ogres and giants actually cooperating - if you define cooperating as mortal enemies not attacking each other on sight.
Saurian Javelin WarriorArbrook ForestSaurian Javelin Warrior
Proud reptilian warriors, the Saurian are large scaled lizard men recently arrived from the west. The javelin throwers are the front line troops in the Saurian Queen's forces.
Indescribably ugly, the snaggle is a small hairy creature, all teeth and claws, that smells like it's been dead for two weeks and left somewhere warm and damp. They have no known predator as nothing can stand the sight or smell of the beast. However a little known fact is that they actually taste like honey roasted ham.
Snow BearThe Icerush
The antics of a snow bear might seem playful when swatting salmon from a frigid stream, but they are not a threat to be trifled with. Despite the concealment of a thick coat of white fur, the presence of a powerful, muscular body beneath is all too obvious. With the amount of food the average bear must consume to survive, they are quite testy and tempermental creatures, prone to charge and smash first, then sniff the remains for something edible.
Spined Troll SkeletonThe Vastingsspined troll skeleton
Legends speak of an ancient, sprawling empire that once ruled all of Askari and enslaved all manner of foul monster. Though silent, animated remains offer tantalizing clues to the truth: undead trolls, their slave collars still worn, prowl the sands eternal.
WerehyenaThe Great Plains
humanoid hyena, they are called werehyena or even hyena spirits, but are in fact neither. They are the descendants of a race of magically created slaves. Although they lack the magical protection of true were creatures they are still a danger to watch out for on the plains.
Level 7
BuletteThe Southmount's Eye
Also known as the landshark, the bulette is a terrifying predator that lives only to eat. Their shape resembles an oceanic shark, with four clawed digging limbs replacing fins and an dull brown armoured carapace covering their backs. A bulette attacks anything it regards as edible, choosing the easiest or closest prey first. The only creatures it refuses to eat are elves,(and it dislikes the taste of dwarves). When it senses something edible (that is, senses movement), it breaks to the surface, crest first, and begins its attack. They like to eat rock squid most of all.
Grey Goblin RaiderThe Miner's Belt
Moving quickly through the foothills of the Miner's Belt, the raider is in search of loot and an easy kill. A slow, loaded-down golem may be just what he is looking for.
Grey Swamp OgreThe Zaulfung
Perhaps twice as tall as the average human, ogres are violent, brutish creatures known for intense bouts of rage. They would be a serious threat if they could only bear the company of their own kind. As it is, swamp ogres only leave the swamps as lone raiders intent on stealing a horse or two for dinner and smashing anything they can't carry.
Mountain Kobold EngineerMount Kestrel
Intelligent, well-schooled, disciplined, experienced, and ambitious, the engineers are the best and brightest of the mountain tribes. They have key positions in tribal politics and also form the majority of the officer corps during wartime. That being said, expect them to be equipped with the tribe's best equipment and weapons.
Saurian SpearmanArbrook ForestSaurian Spearman
Proud reptilian warriors, the Saurian are large scaled lizard men recently arrived from the west. The Saurian Spearmen serve in the Vanguard of the Saurian Queen's Army.
Shadowy MacemanForsaken Ruins
This faceless grey maceman carries his weapon to battle long after his death, his faded chainmail making light scraping sounds as he walks tirelessly onwards.
Shadowy SwordsmanForsaken Ruins
This faceless grey swordsman carries his weapon to battle long after his death, his faded chainmail making light scraping sounds as he walks tirelessly onwards.
Level 8
Dragonclan Kobold MonkThe Nehtaku
By the time a dragonclan kobold reaches monk status, he will have honed his discipline and physical combat skills to a warrior's edge. He will also have mastered channeling at least one of the elemental energy types. Most kobolds usually peak in skill and power at this stage, hence monks comprise the bulk of the clan's members. They are responsible for the clan's day-to-day affairs and whatever duty that the masters and grandmasters assign them.
Gelatinous CubeThe Old Capital Ruins
A gelatinous cube is an amorphous creature that lives only to eat. They inhabit underground areas throughout the world, scouring caverns, ruins, and dungeons in search of organic matter, living or dead. Their amorphous nature often causes piercing weapons like spears and arrows to go straight through them.
Kobold RaiderScrie Point
The so called kobold "Raider" are little more than armed kobolds riding on the back of an enraged domesticated longhorn cow. The whole setup is quite comical in appearance - yet frighteningly effective in execution.
PhorusrhacosThe Great Plains
Phorusrhacos, a 3 meter tall flight less bird, is a fast and agile predator of the Great Plains. They can spot their prey from a great distance on the open plains then hunt them down with ruthless ease.
Spined TrollThe Upper Zaulfungspined troll
Foul and brutish, a variety of troll dwells in the wetlands of southern Kern and Dimitra. They are unsubtle creatures, simply charging up to prey and striking it as hard as they can with a large club. Rumours claim that they were once dominated by the armies of an ancient empire.
Tentacled CreeperMosswash
A tentacled creeper is a carnivorous plant that has grown extensively through over-exposure to magic. They attempt to grab anything moving with their rubbery pseudopods and hold them under the marsh to drown while they rend them to shreds.
Toadlin SnotterYul's MarshToadlin Snotter
The toadlin snotters are the most physically and mentally advanced of the toadlins. They prefer to ambush their prey from a safe distance with their unique blow pipes.
Troll Skeleton BruteThe Ruins of Old Fellintroll skeleton brute
Third again as tall as a regular troll, the skeletal brute is another example of the ancient enslavement of trolls. One can not shed a tear, for these are dangerous foes and are typically armed with a massive hammer capable of sending men and horses flying through the air with a single blow.
Level 9
Giant WidowYul's MarshGiant Widow
Silently stalking through the Yul's Marsh, The Giant Widow stalks her prey with deadly skill. A specialist in hunting other predators, she will have no trouble dispatching an ill-prepared Golem.
Saurian Royal GuardArbrook ForestSaurian Royal Guard
Proud reptilian warriors, the Saurian are large scaled lizardfolk recently arrived from the west. The Saurian Royal Guard are the Saurian queen's personal troops, handpicked from the best female Saurians in their armed forces.
Level 10
Dark Kobold High ArcanistThe Southmount
The High Arcanist is the ultimate practitioner of the dark kobold magical arts. His knowledge and power can rival those of non-kobold mages, including those of the secretive elves. It is said that only 1 out of every 50 highly gifted dark kobold mages that undertake the required tribal rituals becomes a high arcanist. The rest end up as mindless automatons or, if they're lucky, die. This is a very evil, arrogant, and dangerous opponent. One should never underestimate a high arcanist - even with his outrageous red silks, short stature, squeaky voice, and funny hat.
Dragonclan Kobold MasterThe Nehtaku
Especially skilled and talented monks are elevated to master status by the grandmasters or Magnum Opus. Masters are usually assigned to be dojo overseers and are responsible for the training and well-being of the lower castes. Most masters practice a trade or two on their personal time. Some have become exceptional and highly sought-after craftsmen. Occasionally, a grandmaster position becomes available. The masters conduct a series of ritualized combat duels to decide who among them becomes the latest grandmaster. The Magnum Opus oversees the duels and prevents them from becoming lethal.
Female Mountain GiantThe Southmount Foothills
For as long as anyone can recall, the mountain giants were the undisputed rulers of the Southmount. Something unspeakable has been driving them down into the valleys, and even their matrons and womenfolk have taken to desperate raids and violent combat as a result.
Grass DragonThe Great Plains
Smallest of all the dragons, the strip skinned grass dragon is a middle of the food chain hunter. By the nature of it's environment the dragon is a reclusive nocturnal plains hunter.
Marsh DragonThe Upper Zaulfungmarsh dragon
Marsh dragons are more snake-like than the more common quadruped variety. Being one of the smaller species of dragon, juveniles are sometimes mistaken for giant snakes. They are not overtly hostile by nature - preferring only to bask in the Zaulfung's shallow waters and to feed upon their favorite prey of Swamp Hogs. They will however, fight tenaciously when provoked.
Mountain Kobold FlammwagenBossenwelle Valley
The flammwagen is a mountain kobold war engine designed to support an infantry advance by destroying enemy strongpoints and barricades. Though effective in its designed use, the flammwagen has a inherent design flaw that makes it very unpopular with its crews. When the vehicle is at speed, the flametongue's discharge has a tendency to fall back and envelope the vehicle. This usually results in the detonation of the stored chukka ammo - to the detriment of the crew or anything else within 50 meters. More sadistically inclined kobold commanders use flammwagen assignments as a form of punishment.
Few things fire the imagination of mages than the creation of composite creatures. Though such things as the aspmouse and the badgerscorpion strike fear in many, rare are those that inspire terror like the mighty owlbear. Who can say what madman created this monstrosity, marrying magic with flesh and bone, but now the things breed and ravage the woods of Muelsfell. At least they have treasure.
Level 11
Dark Kobold StalkerThe Southmount
Like all other magic-using races, the dark kobolds have developed their own methods of golem production. However, they seem to use them mainly for attacking specific targets (i.e. rival mages), hence their referrence to golems as "stalkers". Relatively crude in appearance to non-kobold golems, the stalkers are still quite effective in their assigned tasks. Unlike other races, the dark kobolds prefer an insectoid golem pattern rather than the usual humanoid one. The stalker carries no ranged armaments, which is highly unusual for dark kobold machines.
Kobold War MachineScrie Point
Technically not a "machine", the kobold war machine is an open-topped armored howdah that sits upon a huge, war-trained Ulvanian Plains Mammoth. The howdah is crewed by a driver, a gaggle of kobold crossbowmen, and is commanded by a sergeant. Unlike other kobold contraptions, the war machine is something to be feared and respected. The threat posed by the crossbowmen is secondary compared to the fearsome tusks and trample attacks of the enraged, armored mammoth.
Saurian Lizard RiderArbrook Forest
Mounted on the back of a 30 foot high speed reptile, the Lizard Riders are fast moving shock troops of the Suarian Queens forces.
Toadlin Marsh CarrierYul's Marshtoadlin marsh carrier
The toadlin marsh carrier consists of a large wicker frame for the toadlin crew, mounted on top of a captive Giant Widow and bristling with toadlin weaponry.
Level 12
Clockwork ElephantOld Forge Mountainclockwork elephant
That beasts of burden must be fed and maintained must have been the impetus for some gnome inventor in the creation of clockwork elephants. Surely these tireless workers were a boon when hauling massive quantities of mined minerals. Yet these creatures, too, must be fed, even if such are diets of oil and maintained with shiny new gears. Centuries with no caring owners have resulted in unstable behemoths wandering the mountains, smashing those they encounter.
Dragonclan Kobold GrandmasterThe Nehtaku
The grandmasters serve as head of the clan's warrior houses and as advisers to the Magnum Opus. There are only twelve grandmaster positions at any given time. Every year at the spring solstice, any grandmaster may challenge the Magnum Opus for his position by combat duel. The Magnum Opus encourages this as it also helps to keep his combat skills sharp.
Fire DragonTalonwood
Hot-tempered like their name suggests, Fire dragons are brutal and merciless. However, they are also intelligent and cunning. They will patiently stalk prey (for days even), and wait for the ideal moment to employ their fearsome breath weapon to spectacular and deadly effect.
Mountain GiantThe Southmount
For as long as anyone can recall, the mountain giants were the undisputed rulers of the Southmount. While encounters with these behemoths were always deadly affairs to say the least, they usually kept to themselves in the upper reaches. Lately, rumours have trickled down that the giants have met something tougher than they are -- though since the giants are easily capable of demolishing an iron golem, what that threat could be boggles the mind.
Mountain Kobold MarauderBossenwelle Valley
The marauder is a large, steam-driven, nominally humanoid iron golem who's head and upper chest has been replaced with an armored cockpit for its kobold crew. The 2-kobold crew consist of a driver that steers and fights the golem in melee combat, and a gunner that operates the formidable eight-demon chukka. Any opponent that survives the chukka's explosive barrage is usually quickly dispatched by the marauder's two oversized, heavily armored, and spiked battle fists. Though "marauder" is the official designation for this war engine, its crews affectionately call it "der schnitzelmaker".
Nomadic Plains WarriorThe Great Plains
If you are not a hunter then you are prey in the great plains. For the small number of nomadic warriors that roam the plains this is part of their very culture. Any one weaker than themselves is prey and is viewed with contempt. These armoured and cloth wrapped plains natives are often found ridding on a beasts of the plains, using it's strengths to enhance their own.
Level 13
Dark Kobold GodslayerThe Southmount Foothills
This dark kobold engine of war is a sight to behold. A 30-meter long, smoke belching, heavily armored trapezoid box chugging along on 8 huge armored wheels. It is crewed by about a dozen dark kobold initiates, mages, and a high arcanist or two. The godslayer also bristles with cannon to supplement it's already fearsome arcane firepower. Even mighty mountain giants think twice before engaging these sinister engines of death.
Gem DragonThe Miner's Beltgem dragon
The Gem dragons have always been a nuisance to the inhabitants scratching out a living in the Miner's Belt. Both parties covet the rare minerals that are found in the area. These minerals translates to wealth for the humans, dwarves, and gnomes; and (very tasty) sustenance for the dragons. Fortunately for all involved, the dragons prefer petty larceny over outright violence to aquire their precious treats.
Ice FiendLongsreach Tundra
A creature born from the cold malice of winter, an ice fiend stalks for energy to sustain its form. This usually comes in the form of blood, but these creatures are not above feeding upon magical energy.
JabberwockArbrook Forestjabberwock
Part saurian, part mammal, part amphibian, all attitude. This 30000 pound hunk of walking whoopass is the direct result of some deranged mage's experiments gone wrong. Not only does one have to contend with teeth and claw, but the Jabberwock's skin has some sort of active adaptive camoflage that makes it very hard to detect relative to its size. Did I also mention its debilitating sonic death aura?
Plains GiantScrie Point
A happy-go-lucky nomadic creature, the plains giant is in its mind 'an easy to get along with, friendly sort of chap'. Unfortunately, due to a language barrier and being commonly mistaken for hill giants, the plains giants assume every one else isn't. In order to defend themselves from unlikable sorts, they tend to attack first, preferably from behind.
Platygon HatchlingYul's Marsh
The Platygon hatchling has a surprisingly curious and playful temperment when compared to its legendary parent. Unfortunately due to its great size, its playfulness can cause much unintended destruction. Still, the residents of Yul's Marsh and Arzenbourg have never undertaken a serious campaign to eradicate this creature because it's "so damn cute" - and Platygon Jr. does help to keep the Yul's Marsh spider population in check.
Sand DragonThe Ruins of Old Fellinsand dragon
Sand dragons ingest large amounts of sand and combine it with their already fearsome sonic attack. The result is a wide stream of high-speed particles that will strip the flesh from the bones of living creatures within seconds. Sand dragons are rather curious by nature. They prefer to converse, rather than fight.
Saurian Dragon RiderHarperdale
Elite member of the Saurian Queen's guard, this proud lizard warrior is mounted upon the back of a fire dragon. The combination of Saurian fighting skill and the fire dragon's own fire breathing abilities makes for a dangerous foe.
Shadowy MageForsaken Ruins
This faceless grey mage wears tattered grey robes, its wispy colorless hair falling more than to the floor. It walks onwards, silent in its approach.
Level 14
Blood SpectreThe Cairnfields
Many kinds of spirit can be born of powerful emotions. A blood spectre is one of the deadliest of these, formed from the aftermath of great battles. They attack with naught but sheer malice against anything, living or not, that they encounter.
Frost GiantThe Glacial Rifts
These reclusive giants stand a head taller and have an even meaner temper than their more common cousins the mountain giants.
Huge Monsterous SlimeGraynsfell Ruins
Said to be a result of a magical experiment gone wrong, these huge monsterous slimes wander around the wastelands of the world. It is said that any man who stumbles upon such a creature must run or otherwise be absorbed into the creature's great bulk. The goo-like nature of the creature results renders it invulnerable to most ordinary weaponry. It also has a mouth filled with various weapons and sharp objects which can fit even the largest of golems inside.
Mithril DragonBossenwelle Valley
One of the smaller dragon species, the Mithril Dragon's relative fragility is more than offset by their blinding speed. It is one of the fastest winged creatures in Muelsfell. Some sages say that this creature can produce a shockwave phenomenon called a 'sonic boom' when in a steep dive. The effects of its powerful breath weapon is more likely the actual cause.
Runic BonewalkerThe Necropolis
In the eldest parts of the Necropolis prowl chthonic evils known as the runic bonewalkers. Whatever necromancer created these skeletal things was (or still is) a powerful being. His creations bear the detailed etchings of obscene magic and use massive flanged swords.
Temporal WraithMount Kestreltemporal wraith
These horrid abominations are not native to Muelsfell. Many months ago, a certain clan's portal experiments went horribly wrong and the resulting inter-dimensional rift released a number of these creatures from whatever dimension they inhabit. Most believe that they are some form of undead. Like undead, they feed off the life energy of living beings - but they also have a strong attraction to magical energy (such as those that animate golems). They are large creatures, vaguely humanoid in shape with all black translucent bodies - except for the eyes, which look like two glowing, angry red orbs. The mages from the clan that was responsible for the "little mishap" estimate that no more than a few dozen entered Muelsfell before the inter-dimensional rift was sealed...everyone has their fingers crossed on that one.
Level 15
Adahn The ApprenticeForsaken Ruins
This man is one of the remaining souls in this place that retains some sense of self. He is compelled to fight you, and begs for his destruction and release from this hell of unlife. Bound to this place until all of the energies that sustain him fade, he will fight to suffer countless deaths until he is freed.
Jet WangThe Nehtaku
There can be only one, and this little kobold is pretty much it. With his unmatched intelligence, wit, and martial skills, Jet Wang has retained his title and position as Dragonclan Magnum Opus for eight straight years. He is one of the fortunate few that has been personally instructed by Narimasa and has been awarded with Narimasa's blessings. Humble and unassuming, he is well liked and respected by his clanmates and all others that has had the privilege of making his acquaintance.
Mist DragonThe Southmount's Eye
A distant cousin of the Ice Dragon, the Mist Dragons migrated south many millennia ago and settled in the Southmount Eye (though individuals and small groups can be found all over Muelsfell). The mottled gray and white coloring of their scales sometimes makes the juveniles of the species difficult to spot - especially during the early morning mists below the treeline of the Southmount and surrounding hills. Due to their temperament and fearsome breath weapon, they are known as 'Southmount Banshees' by the locals. They have been known to hire themselves out as mercenaries to the Dark Kobold tribes.
ScorpitronThe Wastes
Scorpy was originally a prototype battle golem designed by the dark kobolds of the Southmount. With two large and powerful attack claws and an arcane energy emitter in its "tail", it was a truly impressive war engine. However, it was lost when it was endowed with a little too much free will and promptly went "frankenstein". It turned on and killed its creators. It then fled to the southern wastes where it was not seen or heard from for many years. Recently however, Scorpitron sightings and attacks have been growing at an alarming rate. Scholars say that perhaps some of Scorpy's various mechanical systems have been failing and the golem has been searching for scrap parts and a way to repair itself.
Toadlin Dreadnought.Yul's Marshtoadlin dreadnought.
Using a tamed platygon hatchling as the base of a huge mobile wicker fort, the toadlins have created a weapon of mass destruction that will only grow in strength. It bristles with weapons including their platygon powered air cannon, the mega snotter.
Level 16
Caerula The Frost DragonThe IcerushCaerula the Frost Dragon
Arrogant, avaricious, petty, violent - these traits describe Caerula even when she's in the best of moods. She is absolutely merciless to all perceived threats - which is pretty much anything or anyone on the Icerush that has had the misfortune of attracting her attention. On a positive note, she does make the absolute best pistachio ice cream in all of Muelsfell.
Eithne The Song DragonThe Southern Barricades
Eithne's perceived sole purpose in life is the enlightenment of the denizens of Muelsfell through her songs and poetry...when she's not thrashing malevolent intruders within her domain. She has been known to magically disguise herself as a beautiful human woman when traveling about Muelsfell attending festivals and concerts.
Level 17
Akhenaten The Enigmatic DragonThe Vastings
Akhenaten is a wise ancient dragon that was born into the second age of Muelsfell. Many sages from across the land seek his wisdom on many subjects, but when the topic of The Great Cataclysm is brought up, the normally talkative dragon becomes strangely quiet or evasive. Of course those who are more wealth-driven just want his loot.
Asterion The MinotaurThe Ruins of Old Fellin
A power house of strength and speed, this twelve foot tall bipedal blend of giant and bull lives only to fight. He roams the world looking for the next challenge worthy of his axe.
Earthen TitanSpire Valley
Embodied by the loam, clay, sand, and rock, given life by potent planar energies, an earthen titan is a truely awe-inspiring force of nature. Their hard exterior and massive bulk give them unparalled stamina and deadly force, but their forms do not tend towards any expeditious movement. Fighting one is like fighting a landslide.
Level 18
Forceful TideSpire Valley
Birthed in the dark depths of the ocean abyss, given life by the mighty currents of the ocean, a forceful tide is an aggregate of pure elemental water and magic power. It exists only to flow. Over and beyond any mortal power that would stand in its way.
Gwendolyn The Mercurial DragonThe IronwoodGwendolyn the Mercurial Dragon
"Fire and Ice" -not only does this describe Gwendolyn's repertoire of powerful breath weapons, but also her temperament as well. Rash and impulsive one moment, cold and calculating the next. This unpredictability makes her a very dangerous opponent to those that would foolishly challenge her.
Level 19
Living HurricaneSpire Valley
Given life by a breach to the plane of air, given form by the wind and ether, a living hurricane is the highest form of a concentration of elemental air. With speeds in excess of one-hundred fifty miles per hour, this churning elemental inadvertently destroys all who approach it with thousands of deep, rending cuts.
Rusting GuardianThe Cairnfields
A giant golem relic from pre-Cataclysm times, this metallic abomination was created using magics now lost to Muelsfell. The Rusting Guardian faithfully stands guard at its old post. Whatever or whoever it guarded has long since passed into dust, yet guard on it does.
YemethForsaken Ruins
Yemeth was a sorcerer of great power, and was once one of the heads of the Agoroshian Magus Cabal. When time began to take its toll on him, he created the Pendant around his neck to draw souls from dying mortals to power his waning life-force. His soul lives on, stealing away the energy of all who come to this place, attempting to retain some semblance of essence.
Level 20
Narimasa The Elemental DragonThe Nehtaku
A dragon's body harbors special energies that is usually manifested as a breath weapon. Narimasa does not rely on a breath weapon, but instead channels his energies through his unique and surprisingly graceful unarmed combat style. This makes him a formidable melee opponent. Through the centuries, Narimasa has occasionally taught his fighting secrets to those he deems worthy - both dragon and non-dragon alike.
Towering InfernalSpire Valley
Risen from the darkest bowels of the earth, a creature of brimstone, ash, magma, and pure elemental flame, given naught but rage towards all living things by the forces that gave it life, a towering infernal exists only to burn and ravage. Approach it solely if you give no value to your life.