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Muelsfell Skyscraper
Golem Types
The resources you use to make a golem are not equal. For example, a golem made of clay tends to have more hit points than most golems made of flesh and tends to have better resistances to damage. However, the flesh golem is almost always going to be easier to make. Use this chart to help you decide if you want to work on a few good golems or build a horde of small disposable ones.
Golem TypeHP at Level 1SpeedStrengthCapacityDamageResistances
Flesh GolemfleshFlesh 5022 ft1050 lbs
Bone GolemboneBone 7520 ft15100 lbs
Wood GolemwoodWood 10018 ft20150 lbs
Clay GolemclayClay 12515 ft30375 lbs
Stone GolemstoneStone 15012 ft40200 lbs
Iron GolemironIron 17510 ft50300 lbs
Adamantine GolemadamantineAdamantine 20015 ft60350 lbs
Glass GolemglassGlass 2525 ft1022 lbs
Gems GolemgemsGems 15025 ft30100 lbs
Copper GolemcopperCopper 12520 ft30250 lbs
Bronze GolembronzeBronze 15015 ft30250 lbs
Brass GolembrassBrass 15015 ft30250 lbs
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Magus Levels
By increasing the level of your Magus, you will gain extra motivation points as well as increasing the amount you can purchase with experience. A higher level Magus also earns more money per hour at the job center and gains access to spells at various levels.
Magus' LevelXP Required for Next levelMotivation RecoveryActual Motivation Due to LevelingCan Be Increased to...Earnings/HourExtras
11001pt / 15 min505065 gp
23001pt / 15 min5470105 gp
34001pt / 14 min5890145 gpItem Quest
45001pt / 14 min62110185 gpSpellslot *
56001pt / 13 min66130225 gp
67001pt / 13 min70150265 gp
78001pt / 12 min74170305 gpItem Quest
89001pt / 12 min78190345 gpSpellslot *
910001pt / 11 min82210385 gp
1011001pt / 11 min86230425 gp
1112001pt / 10 min90250465 gp
1213001pt / 10 min94270505 gpSpellslot *
1314001pt / 9 min98290545 gp
1415001pt / 9 min102310585 gp
1516001pt / 8 min106330625 gpItem Quest
1617001pt / 8 min110350665 gpSpellslot *
1718001pt / 7 min114370705 gp
1819001pt / 7 min118390745 gp
1920001pt / 6 min122410785 gp
2021001pt / 6 min126430825 gpSpellslot *
2122001pt / 6 min130450865 gpScore Bonus: +250
5050001pt / 5 min24610002025 gpScore Bonus: +250
10050001pt / 4 min44610004025 gpScore Bonus: +250
15050001pt / 3 min64610006025 gpScore Bonus: +250
20050001pt / 2 min84610008025 gpScore Bonus: +250
25050001pt / 1 min850100010025 gpScore Bonus: +250
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Research and Library Requirements
Golems are of the utmost importance in Muelsfell, and you'll want to have several -- whether as backups or tailored for specific functions. Before you can research a certain golem type or useful items like armour and power supplies, you'll need to upgrade your Library. Use the chart below to determine which golems you'll try to focus upon.
Research TypeRequirements for Level 1Requirements for Level 2Requirements for Level 3
Flesh Golems -- Animal Pen Lvl 3Animal Pen Lvl 6
Bone GolemsLone Grave Lvl 3, Library Lvl 1Lone Grave Lvl 7Lone Grave Lvl 11
Wood GolemsBlack Locust Tree Lvl 3, Library Lvl 3Black Locust Tree Lvl 9Black Locust Tree Lvl 12
Clay GolemsClay Stream Lvl 4, Library Lvl 6Clay Stream Lvl 8Clay Stream Lvl 12
Stone GolemsRock Quarry Lvl 5, Library Lvl 8Rock Quarry Lvl 10Rock Quarry Lvl 15
Iron GolemsFoundry Lvl 6, Library Lvl 9Foundry Lvl 12Foundry Lvl 18
Adamantine GolemsFoundry Lvl 15, Library Lvl 15Foundry Lvl 16Foundry Lvl 17
Copper GolemsLibrary Lvl 11Library Lvl 12Library Lvl 13
Bronze GolemsLibrary Lvl 10Library Lvl 11Library Lvl 12
Brass GolemsLibrary Lvl 11Library Lvl 12Library Lvl 13
Glass GolemsLibrary Lvl 7Library Lvl 10Library Lvl 12
ArmourWorkshop Lvl 5, Library Lvl 5Workshop Lvl 8Workshop Lvl 11
EyesLibrary Lvl 2Library Lvl 5Library Lvl 8
PowersourceLibrary Lvl 4Library Lvl 8Library Lvl 12
Just as in the real world, areas in Muelsfell have different types of terrain that range from craggy mountain cliffs to dusty, windswept deserts to soggy, mildew-infested swamps. Each of these environmental conditions has an effect on how your golem behaves in combat. These are summarized below.

It's possible to find or make items in game which will let you bypass some or all of the associated problems with problematic terrain types.
GrasslandsRolling fields of grass, extensive farms, and front yards are all considered to be grasslands. There is no bonus or penalty associated with grasslands.
WoodedSteamy jungles, frozen timberlands, and small copses of trees are all considered wooded in Muelsfell. While in a woodland, your golem will have a percentage miss chance if using ranged weapons.
WetlandGurgling streams and rivers, deep swamps, and even the ocean are all considered to be wetlands. A wetland will slow your golem down considerably.
MountainsEverything from the tallest mountain to the most mild rugged hilltop is considered mountainous. Mountain areas provide a mild defensive bonus against attacks.
DesertEmpty, sandy deserts that stretch for miles, dangerously dry wastelands, and cactus covered plains are considered to be desert in Muelsfell. A desert region will weaken the animating spirit in your golem, causing it to act slower than otherwise.
UrbanThe smallest hamlet and largest metropolitian city are both urban, as are the crumbling ruins of ancient towns. Fighting in inhabited urban areas may result in fines if you are using a golem without a permit. Abandoned cities and ruins grant a defensive bonus to the creatures within.
Night TimeMagi will notice that golems will be slightly slower and less accurate after the sun has drifted below the horizon and darkness has fallen.
WeatherEven the sturdiest and most powerful of golems must yield to the unstoppable fury of mother nature. Inclement weather such as heavy rain will make it harder for a golem to strike its foes, incurring a miss chance with every melee or ranged attack.
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