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tivation you spend when sending your golems to fight in far off locations.
The compass will reduce the amount of motivation you spend when sending your golems to fight in far off locations.
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Frequently Asked Questions
The Muelsfell FAQ has been designed to answer some of the most common questions about the game, its interface, and how to play. Not every possible question has been placed here, but these should be sufficient to start you off playing right away.
FAQ on Accounts & Premium Features
Does it cost anything to play Muelsfell?
Muelsfell is a free browser game. Anyone from anywhere in the world can play and it requires only a valid email. Players have the option of signing up for Premium services within Muelsfell for extra features, but this is not required to play the game.
How do I become a Premium member?
Signing up for Premium services is quick and easy through PayPal. Simply go to the Premium Services page and follow the directions to purchase a monthly subscription. Alternately, you can purchase Premium Tickets in groups of 100, 250, or 500, which can be redeemed in game for a subscription or other Premium features.
Does Muelsfell accept payment in a form other than PayPal?
Sorry, but at this time, Premium Membership and Premium Tickets can only be purchased through PayPal. We are looking at other options but have not yet implemented any other payment alternatives.
What are Premium Tickets and how do they work?
You have the option of purchasing Premium Tickets in groups of 100, 250, or 500 which can be redeemed in game for Premium features. After you've bought the number of tickets you want, go to the Premium Services page. Then choose what additional features that you want, such as an ingame lotto ticket or a replacement flesh golem. You can also redeem tickets to increase the time on your subscription.
When during the month does Muelsfell charge me for my subscription?
Muelsfell does not automatically charge per month for your subscription. To have more than one month's worth of Premium Services, you will need to purchase multiple months in advance at once, or keep a stock of Premium Tickets in game to redeem as your Premium Membership runs out.
I'm not a Premium Member, but I have Premium Tickets. How did this happen?
Premium Tickets can be bought or sold through the ingame market. You do not have to be a Premium Member to redeem tickets, but you can redeem tickets for a Premium Membership.
What features do Premium Members get with their subscription?
Premium Members receive more navigation options such as link bars to all workshop buildings and important locations in the Muelsfell world, additional data in the sidebar such as brief statistics on your currently active golem, a larger ingame mailbox, options to repair all a golem's damage with a single click, additional space in the various building queues, and a host of other useful options. There are too many Premium features to list here. For full details on the Premium features, refer to the Premium Services page.
Do Premium members see ads?
No. Ads are not displayed for Premium members that are logged in.
I'm a Premium member but I still see ads on the Help pages! What's wrong?
The Help Pages are located on a subdomain that applies to all instances of the Muelsfell game. They are not tied to any game instance, so browsing the Help Pages is always treated as being 'logged out.' However, there are far fewer ads displayed on the Help Pages than the game instances.
Does Muelsfell allow multiple accounts?
Muelsfell allows multiple accounts only in a limited fashion; officially, multiple accounts are discouraged. If you have multiple accounts, you will not be able to trade items or resources between them; you will not be able to send one account to attack the other; and you will not be able to send attacks on another magus from multiple accounts.

Since the game designers acknowledge that people may play from the same location (roommates, family members, same office building, etc), players are able to bypass ONLY some of these restrictions if both the accounts at that location have Premium Memberships.

Attempts to bypass the multiple account restrictions in an unfair or exploitive manner can and will result in having all associated accounts banned.
Both the accounts in my household are Premium Members but we're still being blocked from attacking this other magus! What's wrong?
Due to how some Internet Service Providers handle their connections, there will be times when two Premium Membership accounts from the same location (roommates, family members, etc) will still be unable to attack the same magus. As such, Muelsfell can not guarantee the reliability of this Premium feature of multiple accounts.
FAQ on the General Game
I can't find the link to the page I want. Where is it?
For aesthetic reasons, many of the links in Muelsfell are bold rather than underlined or blue. However, all of them have been placed in what are hopefully intuitive locations. For example, helpful links and shortcuts can be found on the bottom of all tables. If you're still unable to find the link you want, go to your Options page (use the link in the menu bar at the very top of the page after you're logged in), open the General Display Settings box, and check 'Highlight Links.' Click 'Change.' Now all links on every page will be very obvious thanks to a small blue highlight.
What do I do in this game?
You take on the role of a Magus, which is something like a mix between a wizard or sorceror, and an artificer. Your Magus is capable of creating magical constructs known as golems, which he or she will then use to carve out a place in the world of Muelsfell. Every Magus has a workshop as his or her base of operations, where the creation of golems and items takes place.
What is the world of Muelsfell?
Muelsfell is only a small region in a much larger world; a place where feudal might and magic make all the difference. In this world, spells can be cast and artificial beings can be created to do battle with terrifying creatures.

Your Magus lives in this medieval-like world, but it is up to you to determine his or her place and how he or she fits into the game world's history.
Does Muelsfell allow Player vs Player (PvP) combat?
Muelsfell is designed with the expectation that all players will engage in Player vs Player combat at least on occasion, though it is not necessary to enjoy the game.
Are new players protected from being bullied?
All new players are safe from attack for twelve(12) days after signing up and confirming a new account. After that point, you can be attacked by other players, so it is wise to make use of the Newbie Protection time to build up your defense.
What if someone much higher level than me is attacking me?
High level players will lose experience if they attack a player or creature that is too far below their level. Since experience is a very valuable non-tradeable commodity in Muelsfell, this is a pretty significant deterrent. Still, every player may want to consider joining a clan for protection as well as other clan benefits.
What are Clans?
Clans are player-run groups of like-minded magi who band together to share resources, exchange golems, grant each other help and protection, and create items and weapons.

For more information about the Clan system in Muelsfell, refer to the Clans info page.
I don't want any part of PvP. Can I opt out?
You can opt out of PvP by redeeming fifteen(15) Premium Tickets for 30 days of No PvP time. Remember, you do not need to be a Premium Member to use Premium Tickets. To enter No PvP mode, you must not have attacked any other player for seven(7) days prior. While you are in No PvP mode, you will be unable to attack other players and other players will be unable to attack you.

If the No PvP time ever expires, you will enter a period of seven(7) days where you will be unable to attack other players but other players will be able to attack you. This is done to discourage players from abusing the No PvP period to stockpile for an advantage in PvP. Of course, you can redeem more tickets to get more No PvP time and not be subject to this 're-warming' period.
What is Motivation and how is it used?
Motivation represents your ability to control your golems. Every time you send a golem out into battle, it uses up some of your Motivation. Larger and more powerful golems use more motivation than smaller ones, and the further the distance you send your golem, the more Motivation you'll use up. When you have run out of Motivation, you will be unable to send golems into battle until it recovers.
How long does it take for my Motivation to recovers?
Motivation refills at a rate of one(1) point every 15 minutes of real time. As you level up your magus, your motivation will refill at a faster rate.
How do I increase my maximum Motivation?
You can use experience earned in battle to increase your Motivation on the Profile Page.
How do I increase my Magus level and why should I do it?
A higher level Magus earns more money per hour in the job center, has a higher maximum Motivation, and gains access to spells and quest slots. To increase your Magus' level, look on the Profile Page.
How do I find something to fight?
From your workshop, click on the Go Outside or Local Area links. This will take you to a map with hunting areas and other points of interest.

Click on any hunting area link from the map, and you'll see a list of creatures available to fight.
How many creatures are in Muelsfell?
For a full list of the creatures in Muelsfell, refer to the Full Creature List.
FAQ on Golems and the Workshop
How do I create a golem?
Every golem begins as a torso, consisting of a chest, an abdomen, and a pelvis and is created on the worktable. Other parts, such as heads and arms, are also created on the worktable. When these parts are completed, you attach them to the torso one at a time until the golem is complete.

After you have the body completed, the addition of a power source and eyes will make your golem ready to do battle.
How do I make other types of golems?
Before you can make a golem type other than flesh, you'll have to research it in your library. The library lists what buildings you'll need to construct and maintain before you can research a particular type. The library itself is one of the harder buildings to construct and upgrade.
How do I attach items to my golem?
When a golem is on the worktable, you'll be able to attach items such as armour or weapons to a golem. Items are attached per location, so look for the items link on each location. Clicking this will bring up a location box, which will let you choose appropriate items to attach to a golem. Choose the item you want and click 'Attach Item.' If you have enough slots in that location for the item, the item will be attached, and the golem will make use of it in combat.
How do I increase the slots on a golem?
By upgrading your library and researching new levels of a golem type, you'll gain the ability to create higher level golems. A higher level golem has more hit points and more slots available for items.
Can I mix and match my golem parts?
Yes! For example, you can attach iron arms to a flesh golem, or clay legs to a bone golem. You can also attach parts that are higher level than the golem itself, such as attaching a Level 2 Head to a Level 1 Golem. Changing the head and limbs does not change the golem's basic type. The golem will be counted as whatever type makes up the chest.
Can my golems be destroyed?
Yes. Even the most powerful golems in the game can be destroyed, so be sure to keep your golems well maintained. It's also wise to keep spare golems in the basement in case the golem guarding the workshop is ever destroyed.
Are golems in the basement or on the worktable safe from attacks?
Yes. However if you do not leave a golem outside the workshop, your workshop is in jeopardy of being looted or even ravaged by an attack.
Can my workshop be destroyed?
No, but the workshop can be 'messed up' by a golem attack and the wall can be damaged. Messing up the workshop can only happen if there is no golem standing guard (whether it was moved by the owner or destroyed by attacks). In addition, an attacking golem has to give up its ability to steal resources in order to mess up the workshop. A workshop that has been 'messed up' will delay all construction projects such as upgrading buildings or creating new golems until the magus spends several hours cleaning the place up.

Note that this is not yet implemented.
Can I move my workshop?
Premium Members can exchange premium tickets for a Relocation Document. When the Relocation Document is given to the construction company in Mottonsborough, the magus is allowed to choose a new location. This document can be traded to other players in the market (even those who are not Premium Members). It takes twenty-four(24) hours for the construction company to relocate a workshop.
How do I find other places to hunt?
By hunting in other areas, you'll find creatures that may be easier or tougher for a particular golem to successfully fight, so it's worthwhile to explore other hunting grounds. Just go to the Local Area map in the main menu and you'll be able to move all over the Muelsfell realm.