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Help Tip
 win a combat, but did you know you can also stack different types for better protection?
Armour is very important to help a golem win a combat, but did you know you can also stack different types for better protection?
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What is Muelsfell?
A century after a magical cataclysm forever changed the world, the citizens of Muelsfell now build arcane constructs of flesh, bone, wood, clay, stone, or iron. It is with these terrifying and powerful golems that the mages will once more shape the world -- or be crushed beneath uncaring and unliving fists...

Muelsfell: Rise of the Golems is a fantasy combat game where players build and assemble constructs known as golems. These golems are sent to hunt wild monsters, out on missions in the name of a province, or to attack other players' workshops for loot.

Golems can be upgraded in many different ways, whether it is attaching a weapon, item, or armour to their forms or casting lingering spells that aid their battles. These creations can also be improved with strength, size, and level upgrades. Every golem has ten locations -- head, chest, abdomen, pelvis, two arms, two hands, and two legs -- each of which can be individually upgraded and armoured.

Your golems can be crafted in six major types -- flesh, bone, wood, clay, stone, or iron -- but the advanced player may be able to find enough additional resources to craft golems of copper, bronze, brass, adamantine, or even glass. The options and potential of each golem is diverse indeed!

Though you may be able to scavenge some weapons from monsters or buy some basic ones at stores, the best weaponry can only be crafted in clans. Start your own clan, pick a weapon type to focus upon, and organize your clan members to work together to build a fully stocked armoury.

In addition to ravaging your enemies with carefully crafted and equipped golems, there are a variety of other activities. Work per hour in the city of Mottonsborough for that all important gold coin, or risk that wealth in gambling games, or leisurely spend time fishing in the lakes of province of Kern. Muelsfell is regularly updated and expanded with new features, better premium services, and new things to do in the game, so the list of things to do will always be growing!

Muelsfell has a rich and detailed history that explains how this unique world of monster and magic came to be. Though it's not at all necessary to read a single page of the in-game history to have fun playing, those that do will gain insight into the nature of the realm itself. Hours can be spent reading the history, stories, and tales of Muelsfell.

Will you be able to build the best golem in the lands and defend your workshop against all comers, or will you be pummeled into the ground?

All of this is just a small taste of what Muelsfell offers... Sign up and dive into this immersive world today!

Not convinced? Take a look at the Help Pages or learn more about the Muelsfell world!
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