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Help Tip
tivation you spend when sending your golems to fight in far off locations.
The compass will reduce the amount of motivation you spend when sending your golems to fight in far off locations.
Muelsfell Skyscraper
Credits & Contributors
This is a list of credits and contributors responsible for bringing you Muelsfell: Rise of the Golems. Necrotales Games wishes to express a deep gratitude for the amazing talents that have helped make Muelsfell possible.

All artist images used throughout Muelsfell and its officially associated websites (e.g., http://help.muelsfell.com) are © 2008 of the original artist and/or © 2008 Necrotales Games, used with permission.
Game Designers
Kep PumpOwner/Creatorhttp://www.muelsfell.comCreator and active game designer for Muelsfell. Responsible for a majority of the game content, including but not limited to creatures, golem combat, game features, and some art.
Matt ToddGame Designerhttp://www.darkgriffin.comOwner of Darkgriffin Studios, associate of Necrotales Games, Matt is responsible for the versatile account login code and schema/structure as well as having input via many design-oriented brainstorming sessions.
Mary K. WilliamsArtisthttp://www.worldhavens.com/A talented artist that focuses on 3D artwork, Mary is responsible for some of the creature art in the game, such as the redcap, skeletal warrior, amphisbaena, and others.
NeoluckyArtisthttp://neolucky.deviantart.com/A talented artist with a wonderful anime style, Neolucky is responsible for the rendering of Mayumi, Muelsfell's mascot magus, who can be seen in the splash image on the main page and in various banners/skyscrapers.
Chibi-ReraArtisthttp://chibi-rera.deviantart.com/A talented artist that focuses on anime and chibi characters. Chibi-rera is responsible for the player avatar choices #1-10 found on the profile page.
RekkaArtisthttp://rekka.deviantart.com/A talented artist with her own web manga, Skyfall Manga, Rekka has provided Premium avatar choices #50-52 found on the profile page.