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Help Tip
 win a combat, but did you know you can also stack different types for better protection?
Armour is very important to help a golem win a combat, but did you know you can also stack different types for better protection?
Muelsfell Skyscraper
Credits & Contributors
This is a list of credits and contributors responsible for bringing you Muelsfell: Rise of the Golems. Necrotales Games wishes to express a deep gratitude for the amazing talents that have helped make Muelsfell possible.

All artist images used throughout Muelsfell and its officially associated websites (e.g., http://help.muelsfell.com) are © 2008 of the original artist and/or © 2008 Necrotales Games, used with permission.
Game Designers
Kep PumpOwner/Creatorhttp://www.muelsfell.comCreator and active game designer for Muelsfell. Responsible for a majority of the game content, including but not limited to creatures, golem combat, game features, and some art.
Matt ToddGame Designerhttp://www.darkgriffin.comOwner of Darkgriffin Studios, associate of Necrotales Games, Matt is responsible for the versatile account login code and schema/structure as well as having input via many design-oriented brainstorming sessions.
Mary K. WilliamsArtisthttp://www.worldhavens.com/A talented artist that focuses on 3D artwork, Mary is responsible for some of the creature art in the game, such as the redcap, skeletal warrior, amphisbaena, and others.
NeoluckyArtisthttp://neolucky.deviantart.com/A talented artist with a wonderful anime style, Neolucky is responsible for the rendering of Mayumi, Muelsfell's mascot magus, who can be seen in the splash image on the main page and in various banners/skyscrapers.
Chibi-ReraArtisthttp://chibi-rera.deviantart.com/A talented artist that focuses on anime and chibi characters. Chibi-rera is responsible for the player avatar choices #1-10 found on the profile page.
RekkaArtisthttp://rekka.deviantart.com/A talented artist with her own web manga, Skyfall Manga, Rekka has provided Premium avatar choices #50-52 found on the profile page.