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Help Tip
 win a combat, but did you know you can also stack different types for better protection?
Armour is very important to help a golem win a combat, but did you know you can also stack different types for better protection?
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Clan Types
This is only a sample of what to expect with clans and will be updated as time goes on. Please check back later for more info.
Clan Specializations
Melee Weapon SpecializationThese clans can make swords, polearms, and blunt instruments that their golems use in melee combat. They have access to the most melee weapons, ranging from lightweight blades to heavy and slow to swing speciality weapons, such as spiked chains.

Melee Weapon Specializers can make iron daggers, brass rapiers, and bronze-edged scimitars early on. Later, they gain access to iron halberds, bronze khopeshes, and spiked chains.
Ranged Weapon SpecializationThese clans are able to make ranged weapons and ammo, varying from short range bows to golem-mounted siege weaponry.

Their early weapons include dart tubes, ironwood longbows, and copper-tipped crossbows as well as the ammo to load them all. Later on, Ranged Weapon clans gain a few specific items such as etched crystal focus devices which allow them to avoid the miss penalty for firing ranged weapons in the woods.
Item SpecializationThese clans are able to make useful items, ranging from lanterns to avoid the night time penalties to minor explosive devices such as the Six Demon Bag.

One of the earliest and most intriguing devices of this clan are the iron flametongues, which launch a spray of burning oil on their enemies. Item clans gain access to few offensive weapons, but can create a wide variety of item types.
Magic Spell SpecializationThese clans are able to control the most powerful spells. Spells are not learned individually, but cast directly from the clan by any of its members.
Defense SpecializationThese clans are able to craft highly resistant armour at lower weights as well as mighty tower shields and steam generators.

At the lowest level, Defense clans gain special copper-based armour to defend against fire attacks and iron tower shields which provide a 10% miss chance in melee combat. Their focus on armour and shields gives them the greatest options for repelling attacks.
Alchemy SpecializationThese clans are able to transmute their golems and resources into other types, warping flesh into bone or other resources depending on how advanced the clan has become. They are also able to create one-use items known as runestones, though these items come with a high cost.

Alchemy is a very powerful ability, and Alchemical Specialists will often have transmuted golems guarding their workshops and clans.