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The Glossary
Agoroshian Magus CabalThe pseudo-secret group which kept magic alive in the years since the Cataclysm. Their political clout made possible the legalization of some types of magic, notably golems. Unforunately, this victory was the catalyst for the Cabal's dissolution as various factions pulled it apart. The Cabal is no longer officially active.
Animal PenThe structure that produces flesh. It is comparable to a rabbit hutch.
AskariThe name of one of the countries in the world of Muelsfell. Askari is predominately a desert but boasts an extensive market system through which players can buy and trade goods.
BasementWhen you start, you have only one golem. Building a basement will create 'slots' for more golems, depending on how large you make it.
Cataclysm, TheA mysterious and deadly magical event that resulted in the banning of magic. Few know what precisely happened, but many suspect it was a result of a multi-country war. In the lower left corner of every page, you will see the years (in game time) that have passed since the Cataclysm.
FoundryThe structure that produces iron. This is comparable to a midieval furnace.
GardenGardens are a structure type that produces crops. Unlike other resource producers, gardens must have seeds planted and tended, and only produce well during certain seasons. The garden will also let you brew potions to heal yourself if you become sick or wounded.
Golem, BoneA golem crafted out of bones from an animal grave. As with flesh golems, there are rumours that some less morality bounded mages use illegal human remains to make these. Bone golems are known for their speed.
Golem, FleshIn terms of pure strength and toughness, this is the weakest of the golem types. These are crafted from the hides, flesh, and remains of whatever animals are on hand. Some are rumoured to use human remains to craft them, though this is explicitly illegal.
Golem, WoodThe most commonly accepted of the golem types, wood golems have an obvious weakness to fire attacks but are otherwise sturdy and reliable.
GolemsMagical automatons that heed the wishes of the mage that created them. They have no will of their own and are used to fight monsters or other players. You can create multiple golems, depending on the size of the basement.
Grave, LoneThe structure that produces bone. Well intended mages should consider this an animal grave rather than a human one.
Hidden RoomA structure that hides a certain amount of your resources from marauding golems. The higher the level, the more resources will be protected.
MagicThe world of Muelsfell is a magical place, where a single man can cast devastating spells of fire and lightning with the appropriate training. Not everyone is capable of magic, and the governments, fearful of anarchy and loss of power, have banned most of the dangerous magic. Golems are legal, so most mages prefer to use these to fight their battles rather than spells.
MuelsfellThe name of the world in which the game takes place. Muelsfell is a large place, so all the activities of Rise of the Golems takes place within one small section of the planet. Magic was once very common, but a catacylsm over a century ago changed the world.
ResourcesConsisting of many types ranging from adamantine to wood, resources are used to construct golems and buildings. Primary resources are produced in buildings that you construct in your workshop, while secondary resources can only be found in quests, hunting areas, or other locations.
Rock PileThe structure that produces stone. Think of this as a mini-quarry.
StockyardThese are structure types used for organizing livestock, which can be converted into flesh, sold, or traded on the commodities market.
Storage BinA structure that determines how many resources you can store. Any resources that are produced, found, or traded beyond the size of the storage bin are wasted and lost so it is important to ensure your storage bin has plenty of room. Money is not limited by the size of the bin.
StreamThe structure that produces clay.
TreeThe structure that produces wood.
WorkshopThis is the base of operations where you create golems, construct structures, manage resources, tend to livestock, and organize your plans. The higher the level of the workshop, the less time it will take to construct structures.